The phrase, knowledge is power, is attributed to the English philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon and it's hard to argue its veracity.  The more knowledge we have, the more options we have.  The more options we have, the more power we have to make better decisions.  Better decisions lead to a better and more prosperous life.

On our information pages we hope to impart the knowledge you'll need to make enlightened decisions when selling or buying a home.  We share what you need to do to prepare to sell your home as well as what you'll need to know when buying the next one.  We look at the process for choosing professional real estate services.  We explain the complexities of home financing and provide resources for those times when a given situation exceeds your current knowledge and/or qualifications.  We also share things you'll want to know to smooth your transition should you be relocating.  Lastly, we expose you to a wealth of knowledge about our great city and provide shopping resources to allow you to make your new home in Louisville your own.

We hope what we provide on these pages will empower you and your family in your pursuit of achieving your dreams.  So, grab a favorite beverage and start reading!

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