GLAR MLS Geographical Scope Map

Louisville Metro GLAR MLS Areas Map

GLAR MLS Areas Maps

The geographical scope of the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) of the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) is categorized into numbered areas.  Generally, each county has a designated number.  One exception to that is Jefferson County (Louisville Metro) which has ten areas.  The other exception is Oldham County which has north and south areas with Interstate 71 as the divider.  

The first map on the left shows the counties included in this numbered area scheme.  The map below it shows the Louisville Metro areas.

The first is a Google Map and can be manipulated like any other Google Map to enlarge and move in the viewing window.  Clicking in the highlighted area will identify the county inside the boundary lines.  The second map is a PDF document that has the standard toolbars for manipulation, dependent on your browser.

Area 0, which includes the Central Downtown District and some of Old Louisville, is not shown on the Louisville Metro map, explaining the difference between the ten areas stated above and the nine areas on the map.